We are very pleased with a project we initiated in 2020 which spans across the whole company and whose goal is to foster the emotional, physical and social well-being of each and every person at all levels of the organization. This project was ambitious in terms of its implementation as it involves all levels of and concerns all the people within the company as well as in our immediate social environment. Thanks to this project, we will be able to consolidate our team, promoting health and quality of life, and encouraging personal and professional growth. In this way, we hope to stimulate a sense of pride and satisfaction in job performance as well as a sense of belonging at. Diversity, participation, creativity, leadership and empowerment are the key values of the project, and its main strategic concepts are: • Improving physical wellbeing through job safety and excellent prevention measures. • Fostering a positive psychosocial environment through personal development and emotional well-being. • Attaining optimal social well-being through the promotion of healthy habits and common illness prevention. • Extending this model of a healthy work environment to our stakeholders and immediate social environment.

We want to provide all the people at with an excellent employee experience. To fulfil this commitment, we developed a labour policy based on work performance evaluation which supports training and growth, continuous work environment evaluation and improvement, and job stability. During the course of 2018 we incorporated new Human Resources software, MILENA WEB, to provide closer, more personalised attention to all staff, this way accomplishing our mission. Meanwhile, the employee website makes it easy to access personal and professional information and helps process medical leaves or holidays for all employees including operators, who previously didn’t have access. This website, in addition to facilitating communication within the organization, enables middle management to have a quick view of the comings and goings of the people on their teams. Employee representation in our company is mediated by various committees at : The Negotiation Committee, the Permanent Committee, the Employment and Professional Category Committee, the Equality Committee, the Job Training Committee, the Health and Safety Committee and the Social Committee.