Savita Polymers is a leading service provider of quality polymers manufacture in India.

It is the policy of Synergy Polymers to develop and manufacture products to fully satisfy our customer’s requirements on quality. We are committed to continuous improvement, thus enabling the organisation to maintain an effective and up to date quality management system.

Synergy’s laboratory equipped with world-class testing facilities for the examination of high-performance materials to perform prior to the release of the product.

We have the strong quality team to ensure that our customers only receieve high-performance products.

Synergy’s quality products gives freedom for designer with ample choice of easy flow mouldability, good surface finish, balanced with excellent mechanical strength and good heat stability.

Our UV protected grades are designed to meet the toughest challenge posted by today’s critical outdoor application requirement.

Be whether it is of automobile exterior such as door handles, mirrors, two wheeler instrumental clusters or any other application which needs susceptibility ti atmospheric odds, Synergy has got the answer to meet such requirements.