WE HAVE INCORPORATED A PHILOSOPHY OF CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT IN OUR COMPANY The application of LEAN methods in different company processes. Standardising the creation of continuous improvement teams in the daily operations of our facilities. WE GUARANTEE WORKPLACE SAFETY FOR OUR EMPLOYEES The incorporation of “Healthy Company” strategies. The incorporation of the Strategic Plan for Safety Culture: safety based on human behaviour. The definition and incorporation of Safety Rules. Continuous improvement in workplace conditions. WE PROTECT THE ENVIRONMENT Energy Efficiency Program. Waste reduction and evaluation program. WE INCORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY THROUGHOUT THE SUPPLY CHAIN The incorporation of Corporate Social Responsibility criteria in all new contracts with suppliers.

To generate a collaborative, safe and sustainable work environment .

The human factor is essential in our organization. The consolidation of a cohesive, professional and committed team has been and continues to be one of our strategic objectives. We work to create an atmosphere of cooperation, transparency, trust and respect among all of our company’s employees. To achieve this, it is fundamental that they are empowered. Therefore, we guide them in their professional growth, detect their training needs, encourage their participation and integration in the organization and foster work-life balance, with the aim of creating dynamic and motivated teams.